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The Building Process

The building process doesn't have to be a scary one. As your custom home acreage builder, we will take your objectives and wishes and make them reality. From the initial project assessment to the after care, you can trust us to guide you in the right direction.

There are key stages to the building process. We want to keep your expectation versus reality on the same page. The following will help you prepare for and understand your new home's construction.

Stage 1 – Initial Project Assessment​
Stage 2 – Design Process​
Stage 3 – Budgeting​
Stage 4 – Specifications Review​
Stage 5 – Final Pricing​
Stage 6 – Construction Agreement​
Stage 7 – Building Permits
​Stage 8 – Construction​
Stage 9 – Notice of Possession
​Stage 10 – After Care and Warranties

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