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My husband and I wrestled with the decision to move to an acreage for a number of years before finally deciding to take the plunge. With four young children and me being a stay-at-home mom it was a big financial decision to take, which is why we were very pleased that a family member in the construction industry was able to recommend a builder he knew that had just started his own custom acreage home company. We were told that if we wanted to deal with someone that was honest, experienced and hard-working that Brent Kroeker at Castle Creek Homes was the first person we should speak to. After going through the building process with Brent, and after having lived in our new home for about 6 months, we certainly feel that those accolades are well deserved. Brent was extremely helpful (and patient!) through all parts of the process; from developing a floor plan that exactly met our specific needs, giving us what we needed to help financing go smoothly, helping us choose finishes and finally adding in all of those little touches that made our new house feel like a home from the minute we moved it. We were also very impressed with all of the experienced tradespeople that Brent contracted to do the work and feel quite confident in saying that this is the home our grandchildren will be coming to visit 20 years from now. And best of all, the final costs were actually in line with what we were expecting! Brent has also continued to provide quality customer service after we have been living in the house which is not always the norm in this industry. I didn't fully realized how spoiled we were until a family member went through the same process with one of the "Big Builders" in town - our experiences were very different. We would definitely build with Castle Creek Homes again and would recommend them to anyone. Thanks again Brent and Michelle for helping to make our family's dream a reality!

-Emily & Bryce Tainton